Interview with Patty Garcia

Patty Garcia with Rudy Rucker (Sent by Patty Garcia; photo by Anonymous on Patty's phone)

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? Where can we find you on social media

I grew up in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ) and have lived in NYC for 21-years. I am mostly on Twitter @opattyg

What kind of creative work do you do?

I play bass in a band called The Rats of New York

Had you ever been to a Worldcon before?

Yes, as part of my former day job. I was the Director of Publicity at Tor for 12-years and left in June to start my own thing, Outta This World PR. My first Worldcon was Montreal in 2009 and I've gone to every one since, except Australia.

What did you expect being part of the Initiative would be like? How did your experience compare with that expectation?

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, I thought we'd get a ribbon for our badge, have the reception, and then kind of wander. I was surprised and honored to be on so many great panels and to see all the panels my fellow Mexicanx recipients participated in.

Lauren Raye Snow's Se Fuerte artwork, A copy of A Larger Reality, an invitation to the Hugo Losers Party, Patty Garcia's name bage with John Picacio's artwork on it and a Mexicanx Initiative ribbon attached, and a Mexicanx Initiative lucha libre fighter from José Luis Zárate (Photo by Patty Garcia)

Tell us about one highlight moment of your Worldcon experience.)

Being on stage with John when he won the Alfie and also during the opening ceremonies. It was an honor for our raza to be recognized.

Recommend any or all of the following: a song, a written work, a piece of visual art, and a movie. Tell us why you love them!

Coco! I had never seen a Pixar movie and this one was so amazing for so many reasons. Obviously there was the burst of pride at our heritage being represented so beautifully, but I also took my mom to see it, who hadn't been to the movies in 40 years! It's just not her thing but this one intrigued her and she loved it. She can't stop talking about it and I'll never forget how good it felt to buy my mom popcorn and sit with her in the dark filled with awe and wonder at such a great movie and the accurate portrayal of Mexico and our customs.

What was the funniest thing that happened during your trip?

Funniest? I can't say, but the funnest was taking some of my new friends from Mexico City around to the room parties and seeing their faces when they saw the lengths some of the groups went to with their decorations, and also marveling at all the fandoms. Good times!

Adrian Molina, Patty Garcia, and Ana Ramirez (Sent by Patty Garcia; photo by Anonymous on Patty's phone)

Blurry partiers: Gerardo Horacio Porcayo, Patty Garcia, Kirtana Rex, Héctor Gonzalez, Gabriela Damián, Libia Brinda, and Adrea Chapela at the Locus party on Saturday night at Worldcon 76 (Photo by Julia Rios)

Where should people start familiarizing themselves with your work?

Soundcloud: FB: @ratsofnewyork

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