Interview with Mario Acevedo

Adrian Molina talks about the making of Coco (Sent by Julia Rios; photo by Kateryna Barnes)

Where did you grow up/where do you live now? Where can we find you on social media?

I was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. For the last twenty-five years my home has been Denver, Colorado. We are a family of mojados. My dad’s parents fled the civil war in Mexico and my mother was for a while, an indocumentada, before she became a US citizen.

Facebook: Mario Acevedo
Twitter:  @adelantearts

What kind of creative work do you do?

I write short stories, novels and I paint. I’ve also done gigs as an editor.

Had you ever been to a WorldCon before?


What did you expect being part of the Initiative would be like? How did your experience compare with that expectation?

I didn’t know what to expect other than meet writers from Mexico. They were a great bunch as were the writers and artists that I met from this side of the border.

Tell us about one highlight moment of your WorldCon experience.

When I was signing books, a couple of friends that I hadn’t seen in eighteen years had driven from Richmond just to see me. That was a wonderful surprise.

Mario Acevedo at the Mexicanx Initiative English language group reading (Sent by Julia Rios; photo by Kateryna Barnes)

Recommend any or all of the following: a song, a written work, a piece of visual art, and a movie. Tell us why you love them!

My favorite book is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl since he explains how we can cope with uncertainties and injustices by believing that we have a purpose in life and that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Tell us about a strange moment of your trip?

I was buying groceries at the urban Safeway in downtown San Jose when through a window I saw one of the local homeless keel over and fall into the street. A Safeway employee went out and put a yellow “wet floor” hazard sign by the homeless guy so he wouldn’t be run over before the EMTs arrived.

Where should new people start familiarizing themselves with your work?

My author website: My artist website: Facebook: Mario Acevedo

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