Interview with Gonzalo Alvarez

John Picacio, Gonzalo Alvarez, and Grace Chadwick at the Hugo losers party (Sent by Gonzalo Alvarez; photo by Anonymous, taken on Gonzalo's phone)

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? Where can we find you on social media?

I grew up and still live in Port Arthur, TX, the devil’s armpit. I'm first-generation Mexican American as my parents immigrated over 23 years ago. I can be found as @gonzzink on Instagram and Twitter.

What kind of creative work do you do?

I create video games, illustrations, and graphic novels, and am currently working on my Mexican folklore adventure graphic novel series, The Legend of Polloman.

Gonzalo Alvarez signing a Polloman book (Sent by Gonzalo Alvarez; photo by Dianita Ceron)

Had you ever been to a Worldcon before?

I had never been to or even heard of Worldcon till this one!

What did you expect being part of the Initiative would be like? How did your experience compare with that expectation?

I honestly had no idea other than just getting to booth next to other famous Mexican artists that I would get to chat with. Instead I found more than that, I found a family.

Mariana Palova, Cody Jimenez, Gonzalo Alvarez, and Grace Chadwick bonding over food at Worldcon 76 (Photo by Anonymous, taken on Gonzalo's phone)

Tell us about one highlight moment of your WorldCon experience.

Dancing to Selena with people I had only known for four days (that I now consider family) at an exclusive party hosted by George R. R. Martin.

Recommend any or all of the following: a song, a written work, a piece of visual art, and a movie. Tell us why you love them!

“Sleepy Tea” by Chon. It's a group of Latinos from SoCal making amazing instrumental math rock music. (One of their songs played in the background at the Olympics!)

The animated movie Nova Seed by Nick DiLiberto. He animated the entire movie, on paper, by himself. Enough said.

Where should new people start familiarizing themselves with your work?

The official website, is the home for everything Polloman! My personal website has some of my other personal work, and is my video game studio hosting Borders, my internationally exhibited art game influenced by my parents’ immigration story.

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