Interview with Cody Jimemez

“Piss Off” by Cody Jimenez, Oil on polyester, 72in x 48in, 2017 (Cody Jimenez)

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? Where can we find you on social media?

I grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. And I’m currently in Orange County, California. I moved here to pursue my Master’s Degree in Fine Art, which I received in 2017, and now continue to work and paint full time here. My most active social media is Instagram. @codyjimenezart is my account.

What kind of creative work do you do?

I draw, paint, and write music. A genre of artwork I fit into is possibly imaginative realism. My subject matter is familiar, but with a surreal and magical twist. I paint people and animals with these grand, glowing, and colorful crystal-like objects.

Had you ever been to a Worldcon before?

I had not been to a Worldcon before, nor had I heard of the event prior to being invited.

“Wonder” by Cody Jimenez, Oil on panel, 48in x 36in, 2017 (Cody Jimenez)

What did you expect being part of the Initiative would be like? How did your experience compare with that expectation?

I honestly had no expectations other then to have a fun and new experience. I was blown away by the end of the first day there. It was so fun and indeed something new and out of my own bubble. The community of WorldCon is pretty fantastic and very dedicated. It was amazing to see this type of event compared to other conventions.

Tell us about one highlight moment of your Worldcon experience.

I think my highlight moment was getting on stage with the rest of the Initiative during John’s speech. That was when I realized being there and attending was a big deal. I felt very lucky to be a part of it.

“Upper Hand” by Cody Jimenez, Oil on panel, 48in x 36in, 2017 (Cody Jimenez)

Where should new people start familiarizing themselves with your work?

There’s my website, and also my instagram, @codyjimenezart.

My website has majority of my work, all in one spot with some neat time-lapse videos and an interview video there as well. My Instagram has some more in progress work and some babbling from me. A little bit of my personality shows through there as well as those spiffy Instagram stories. I add some funny and dumb stuff on there from time to time.

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